Sky Island UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation

SKY ISLAND UU CHURCH - Sky Island UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation

Mental Illness – No Time for Shame or Blame

Sunday Service Sept. 14: 

Mental Illness – No Time for Shame or Blame

The sermon focuses on the seemingly never-ending problem of shame and blame associated with mental illness. We know with some certainty that 1 in 4 adults suffer from some form of mental illness. The key word is “illness” and the fact that we also know that a great deal of mental illness is caused by factors we cannot control. Other illnesses have come a long way regarding the removal of stigma – cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, polio,and others are now being spoken of “in the open.” Tom will share information from his own experiences and those of his family regarding hesitancy, denial, and finally acceptance of mental illness.

Speaker:  Tom Reardon
Facilitator:  Tricia Gerrodette

Blending Our Waters

Sunday Service Sept. 7:  Blending Our Waters

For several decades, it has been a tradition in Unitarian Universalist congregations to have a service of “in-gathering” at the beginning of September, when those who were gone for the summer return and we join again as a community. We celebrate this service through the ritual of water communion, where people contribute water and a word of inspiration from any place they traveled.  The water samples are combined in our service. Whether you brought water home with you or not, please join us for this inspiring service in which all can contribute and our dynamic community gets to celebrate itself.


Sermon:  Rev. Christiane Heyde Facilitator:  Lorraine Groberg

Labor Day Challenge

Sunday Service August 31: Labor Day Challenge

Labor Day has many meanings in the American culture, from BBQs to back to school specials. And yet, the Labor Movement was foundational in creating the world in which we live, and many Unitarians and Universalists were active in this movement. How relevant is the Labor Movement for us today, and how does that affect us as Unitarian Universalists? Rev. Christiane will explore ways to find wisdom from time past and inspiration for the days to come for this holiday weekend.


Sermon: Rev. Christiane Heyde
Facilitator: Richard Albright

The Gospel According to Archy and Mehitabel

Sunday Service August 10: The Gospel According to Archy and Mehitabel: Part One

“It’s surprising what you can learn from a cockroach and an alley cat.” Archy is the cockroach, and Mehitabel is the alley cat. They were the creation of Don Marquis, a columnist for a New York newspaper. Archy used to be a human: specifically, a free verse poet. When he died his soul transmigrated into the body of a cockroach. Mehitabel is his sort-of friend and part-time foil who claims to have once been Cleopatra, though there are grounds for doubt about that. For about twenty years, until the mid-30s, Archy (via Marquis) wrote about Mehitabel, himself, and others in pieces that mocked human foolishness but also promoted a charitable spirit. I think it’s time for Archy to be reincarnated again and for Mehitabel to use another one of her lives, so that we in the present age can hear their voices for ourselves.


Sermon:  Wally Hoggatt
Facilitator:  Patricia Burr

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