Sky Island UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation

SKY ISLAND UU CHURCH - Sky Island UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation

Dangerous Distortions of Lent

Sunday Service April 6: Dangerous Distortions of Lent
The season of Lent, between Mardi Gras and Easter, has long been observed in Christian churches, with the “story of salvation.” Rev. Christiane will explore and challenge this tradition and its dangerous messages about victim-hood and suffering. Let’s shake up our understanding of Christianity and its message! Come join us and hear a new way to celebrate this season, by letting go of limiting messages and embracing this spring as a season of healing and empowerment.


Sermon: Rev. Christiane Heyde
Facilitator: Jean MacKeen

Share the Love!

Sunday Service Feb 16:  Share the Love! 

This is the 5th and last in this year’s series of Standing on the Side of Love.  It is also part of the National Preach-In on Climate Change, inspired by Interfaith Power and Light.  Rev. Christiane Heyde will explore ways we can love our beautiful planet and each other.   She will inspire us to share this love through a meaningful and loving connection to the Earth, active green living, and even through political activism.  You will have a chance to send a special Valentine’s Card to your senator, asking him and others to share the Love with our Earth and those who live on it.  Apologies for the audio quality but we had equipment issues today.

Sermon:  Rev. Christiane Heyde
Facilitator:  Patricia Burr

Living the Dream

Sunday Service Jan. 19: Living the Dream

This Sunday, we begin a 5 week sermon series inspired by the “30 Days of Love,” from the Group “Standing on the Side of Love.”  Many UU congregations across the country will follow the same sermon topics for the next weeks.  We will see how love can make a difference and change the world.  We start by honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his legacy of speaking up for love and justice.   Are you living your dream, with Love and Courage?  Join us and let yourself be inspired!


Sermon:  Rev. Christiane Heyde
Facilitator:  Lorraine Groberg


Sunday Service Jan 12:  Prayer
Prayer is a powerful activity, and a loaded topic.  Many people state they do not believe in prayer, yet even most of those pray in stressful times.  The history of prayer and teachings about prayer is more controversial than most are aware, and the practice is more diverse than one would expect.  We will explore the practice of prayer and what relevance it may have for our lives as Unitarian Universalists today.  Join us for this challenging and interesting sermon.


Sermon:  Rev. Chriatiane Heyde

Facilitator:  Elaine Taylor



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