Sky Island UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation

SKY ISLAND UU CHURCH - Sky Island UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation

Empty Bowls

Sunday Service October 26: 7th Annual Empty Bowls

We will have two guest speakers for this service. Indicators of Food Poverty and Understanding Food Deserts in Cochise County.

Evelyn Whitmer is an Area Agent for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.  She will describe Food Deserts in Cochise County.  She will also explain how poverty affects the residents’ overall health and well-being.

Fullness from Emptiness:  Feeding Millions from an Empty Bowl.

Barry Midgorden will talk about the Empty Bowls Project. From its humble beginnings almost 25 years ago, this project has focused on feeding people locally, while increasing the awareness of hunger and food insecurity globally. The empty bowl that inspired a world wide movement provides a metaphor for creating our own lives and a concrete vehicle to help others in our own community. From emptiness comes a form and function through which compassionate caring may feed and heal.


Sermon: Evelyn Whitmer & Barry Midgorden

Facilitator: Carolyn Edwards

The Myth of Satan

Sunday Service October 19: The Myth of Satan

It is the season of Halloween, and many masks are already appearing all around us.  At the same time, some faith groups have questioned the sanctity of our Unitarian and Universalist traditions and values for centuries.  Christiane will take a look at the various myths and even conspiracies that led to the current image and idea of Satan.




Sermon:  Rev. Christiane Heyde

Facilitator:    Richard Albright

Celebrating Talents

Sunday Service October 5: Celebrating Talents  

We are a diverse congregation in many ways, filled with gifts, interests, and challenges.  While we tend to mostly connect on Sunday mornings, that does not need to be so.  Christiane will present a sermon on how to celebrate and value our individual contributions, be they obvious strengths or even apparent weaknesses.


Sermon:  Rev. Christiane Heyde

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